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ACI - Air Cargo Inc.

Currently operating warehouse facilities in Mississauga, Ontario and Dorval, Quebec.

At ACI, we are committed to providing value-added warehouse solutions that are tailored to your specific supply chain process. We know that with your decision to outsource comes the reasonable expectation of a "turn key" solution from a partner-provider that you can depend upon.

By developing and delivering a comprehensive program moulded around your requirements, we are able to transform the warehouse from a cost center into a source of value and benefit to your organization.

At ACI, we realize that although the warehouse may be a cost within the supply chain, it is also a fundamental link in the revenue chain. Our customers rely on us to effect the smooth and efficient flow of goods from producer to user. By offering superior quality and customer service within a corporate climate of innovation and enhanced efficiency, we are able to offer true value to all of our clients.

ACI provides the flexibility of:

  • Canada Customs Bonded Facility
  • Approved Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Facility
  • Heated Storage and Cool Room
  • Segregated Product Storage
  • Both Temporary and Long-Term Storage
  • Cross-Docking Service
  • Racked space available for clients who require racked materials.
  • Quick Access to Major GTA routes.
  • 24-hour security system monitored for break-ins and fire protection.
  • Ocean and Air Container Loading & Unloading
  • Material Handling to Specifications.
  • Freight Transportation Service for Regular and Rush Delivery.
  • Weekend and Evening Service (By Appointment)
  • Modern Warehouse Management Systems in place to Handle Third Party Warehousing or Simple Warehouse Needs.
  • Licensed Pest Control Program in Effect Inside and Outside of Building.
  • Several Lift Trucks On-Site with Experienced and Licensed Drivers capable of Handling Various Types of Product.
  • Light Assembly/Fulfillment of Products for Shipment to Your Customers.
Warehousing Space Is Available! Please contact Selina Evans for more information!

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