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"On-time, just-in-time service and capacity to meet your demands"

 Atlantis Transportation is one of the largest airfreight truckload carriers in Canada today. We are an industry leader, able to approach the widest variety of situations with the skill and confidence gathered over time. Our drivers and staff understand every time we make a delivery, we are representing our customer. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet or exceed their expectations. 

Hauling a wide span of commodities - including agricultural products, automotive parts, paper products, retail goods, electronics, food and beverages - our services include irregular route, scheduled runs, project and bulk moves, just-in time deliveries, and expedited deliveries.

Atlantis Transportation provides truckload services throughout Canada and the United States. 

At any time of day, during every season of the year, our equipment is consistently delivering product to our customers in all parts of North America.

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