Drivers / Safety and Maintenance

Driver Safety and Compliance Bonus Program
On an annual basis Atlantis will reward its drivers with a Safety and Compliance Bonus.

To qualify for this bonus the following criteria must be met:


  • No CVOR demerit points have been accumulated.
  • No DOT demerit points have been accumulated.
  • No Drivers license demerit points or more than two moving violations have been accumulated.
  • No equipment damage has been sustained.
  • No accidents have been experienced.
  • Timely submission of complete and accurate logbooks.
  • Maintain Fast Card in good standing.
  • All vehicle inspection reports have been submitted correctly.
  • All required training and testing has been completed properly.
  • No on-the-job injury has been sustained.
  • For Owner Operators, truck maintenance must be completed in a proper and timely manner with copies of work completed submitted to the Maintenance Department as required.


Atlantis is committed to ensuring our roads are safe. We feel drivers that operate in a safe, professional and compliant manner should be rewarded for their efforts. It would be a significant achievement if all of our drivers are rewarded.



Atlantis has an obligation to public and its customers to ensure they receive the highest degree of safe and professional performance from our drivers. Atlantis invests significantly in safety to ensure this obligation is met.

Atlantis has a low turnover rate due to our compensation package, safety-training and rewards program. This ensures we recruit the best people for the job.

The Atlantis commitment to safety does not stop at our drivers. The equipment our drivers operate must be mechanically fit all of the time. Our maintenance department works diligently to ensure our drivers and Owner Operators have excellent late model equipment to ensure our roads are safe.

Occupational Health and Safety

Atlantis has a commitment to Occupational Health and Safety and ensures its employees are trained to protect them from the hazards that surround them. The maintenance on our vehicles being tractors, trailers or forklifts in the warehouse are subject to preventative maintenance schedules ensuring our employees operate safe equipment.

Workers must ensure that their personal safety and security as well as their fellow workers are guarded. They must be in compliance with all laws governing the workplace. Atlantis has policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety and security of its employees is sustained.

At Atlantis personnel is our key to success and a safe work environment will ensure our long-term objectives are successful.

Our personnel is our key to success.

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